Wow, I am so prompt with my blogging

No one keeps up a blog like me I bet.

August 20.

Where am I? Staying up way too late, leaving tomorrow to go see the Best Band In The World play a concert in Anaheim and in Vegas and no, I will not name them in this blog because I do not want it to show on a google alert and get a lot of the fanfreaks here.


Because I am pissed at a lot of them and I need a place where they will not find me very easily. That’s why.


Girls are SO stupid I swear. Fighting over some guys they have about as much chance of fucking as I have of becoming the world’s oldest lady astronaut.

So yeah. I am leaving.

Ooooh, but I got a TEEEEEEEEENY laptop for the road. Asus EEE 2G Surf. $263 baby. It’s mine all mine.

If I get bored, I will blog from the road.

Woot Woot. Semper Fi.

I seriously wish my ex-husband would quit sending me stuff.


4 thoughts on “Wow, I am so prompt with my blogging

  1. is there wi-fi at the concert? cauz the asus may not b able to get ani signal, also what is the band?

  2. The band is Tokio Hotel. I did not even try to take my laptop.

    But when I used it at the airport, I was VERY bummed at how short the battery life was. I need to check that out.

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