A post from Keesa the Love Dog

dogs on my heart

I was born on November 8, 1989, in Newhall, California.


That makes me 10.

My mom drove down on Friday, November 17 and that is the picture you see above. I was quite tiny, but gorgeous, as you can see.

I got my name that day, which is why I think I have such stupendous self-esteem. None of my brothers and sisters had a name yet. I was 9 days old when I got my first love from my mom. She tells me my little dog nose was smaller than the end of her pinkie. Imagine that.

Then, a few weeks later, I got to go home. I had brown hair and blue eyes. I was placed in a little box for the ride home. But, I did not like that, it was lonely! So, my mom picked me up and held me… all five hours.

Keesa B, the Look

Wait! Mom is saying that I need to be sure to write in here that I was cocky even back then. Hey, waitaminnit! I am not sure I like that!

Well, that is all I can type for today… it’s really hard to type with my furry paws.

It would be kinda nice if she would take me to the groomer now and again… the things I have to put up with, I tell ya. I do get revenge however… I knock over the trash! HA!

Keesa in the poppies


Archive of Keesas’s post from 1999

August 17 — I just haven’t felt like writing in here. Lying on the hearth with the cool tiles under my tummy has seemed much more important. I got attacked by a dumb dog the other day. It looked exactly like Lulu, my cousin. The lady did not have her dog on the leash even though that is the rule here. So, her stupid little dog came running over and bit my ear. The nice man from next door came and pulled that other creature off of me. I was shaking and shaking. My mom was p-o’d. She wrote a letter to the apartment manager asking them to please do something. But so far nothing has happened. Next time I am going to rip that dog’s head off. I am. I mean it. I am. No more boo-boo’s in my ear, no sirree.


August 5 — Wow! I think we are having summer, finally. It is hot. I wish Mom would shave me, but then I would probably look funny. I hate it that she leaves me here everyday. I want her to stay and play with me. But I guess she has to make the big bucks, so she can keep me fed and having a lot of bones and rice cakes. *sigh*. What’s a dog to do?
Last night, someone had their dog outside our bedroom window at about 11 o’clock at night. I really barked long and loud to let them know that I was in here. I think Mom was trying to sleep, but it’s more important to bark, don’t you think?

It was really fun last night though, because before we went to bed, me and Mom got in the shower together! How fun was THAT! It was so hot, and I just kept panting and panting. So, after she cooled me off, I was able to sleep. What a nice Mom I have.

July 21 – I was sick this week. I think it was the flu or something. My nose was running, I had a fever. My mom put me in the tub and hosed me off with water to cool me down. But I am feeling better now and she is back to making me the really good homemade food. I am so glad she is not in school anymore. It makes my life so much better.

She’s been crying a lot this week though, and yelling “No more!” or “It can’t be, it just can’t” at the TV set. I am not sure what is going on, but it seems like it is pretty bad. I hate it when she cries, because even if I do my trick called the “Happy Dog” she does not laugh at me.

But, next weekend, I am going to stay at Megan and Paul’s house for the night. That should be fun. Tucker and Reggie are really fun to play with. Their food is too small for me to enjoy, it’s like these little pellets or something. But the treat I really want is what’s in their litter box. I can’t help myself. It really grosses my mom out when I do that. Heeheehee

June 7, 1999 – Can you believe I have not written in here since St. Patrick’s Day? I am surprised more of you have not written to me complaining. I am okay, I guess. My mom is going out of town and she is going to leave me with a perfect stranger. Geez. Do I deserve this? NO! But, I know she really needs a break, so I guess it will be okay.

I have been hurting a little, it’s a bear getting older. My back hurts, my hips hurt, oy vey, I tell ya, what I wouldn’t do for my own heating pad.

I get to go to the dog beauty salon today, yippee! Finally! A girl can only go so long without a hair cut. This salon isn’t so bad, they give me a bandana instead of those STUPID bows. Man, I hate those! I make Mom take it off the second I get in the car.

Well, duty calls. I will write more later. Sure would like to hear from some of you.
3/17/99 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! My mom was gone most of the day (dang her!) so I decided I was fed up. I went out to a bar near here and drank green beer. I don’t get it. Mom is on Spring Break, and she is still leaving ME during the day! I think tonight I am going to bite her. Think that will get her attention?

Oh man. I feel like, well, like dog poop. My mom was gone at school today (as usual!) and I was being a brat. See, when she is not home, I walk on my hind legs. Today, I noticed a loaf of bread on the counter, so I took it down and I ate about 15 slices of it. My belly feels like it is going to explode!!! Any advice?

Things have been kind of a drag around here, because my mom is always so busy with school. Personally, I think she is too old to be going to school, but she has to or something. I hate it. But one good thing is she gives me bones, so I do not get bored. If she does not give me bones, I knock over all the trash cans and strew things everywhere. She HATES it if I chew up paper towels.

And get this! You know how she punishes me? She makes me lay down and show her my tummy! Ha ha, the jokes on her, because I love to have my tummy rubbed! What self-respecting dog doesn’t?