Envy, cooking, tablets

I envy people who enjoy cooking. I spent some time tonight at my usual haunt, Barnes and Noble. I was seeking to learn a bit more about slow-cooker cooking. Indeed, I learned that Crockpots came out in 1970, so 43 years late, I am learning how to use one. And not even for myself, but for cooking dog food.

I suppose if I had ever had a big family or something, I might have been forced into learning how to cook, but I didn’t.

Nonetheless, I found this cookbook to be the best and easiest to read, with recipes that did not make feel stupid.

The Complete Slow Cooker Cook Book
wendy louise

Makes me wonder if people who do like to cook and really buy lots of cookbooks also enjoy buying cookbooks for their tablets, such as Nook Color or iPad and reading them for fun and inspiration. I bet having a cookbook on your device and making notes and stuff would be fun.

However, it is kind of sad that people will not find their granny’s old recipes anymore.

Kinda like Hilah did when she found a recipe card that said “Cocktail 1934”

Hilah also wrote a cookbook. Her website is http://hilahcooking.com/

Oy. I am just blathering now.


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