Darren Criss – Raise your Glass

Well, it is not JUST Darren Criss, but there sure is something magnetic about that guy. I re-watched this episode last night because I had glossed over it due my extreme Rachel storyline aversion. I know, terrible human. And damn, did I miss a lot.

Anyway, so far the Warblers have done two songs better than the original (in my opinion) – the ubiquitous Teenage Dream and Pink’s Raise Your Glass.

What’s your opinion on that? Is it wrong to like them better? Is it wrong to not like Rachel Berry? haha.


One thought on “Darren Criss – Raise your Glass

  1. I agree! Those versions are a lot better than the original … especially Teenage Dream. I can’t stand the original but I ❤ the Warbler's version … maybe it's Darren Criss and his awesomeness … who knows?!

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