Essie. I Love Essie.

I recently was able to stop biting my nails. How? Well, I saw the Essie display at the store and all those colors, row upon row of delicious, wonderful, amazing colors lured me in.

There are colors that are so me. The real me. The inside of me me who is really way cooler than the outside of me me. Yeah, it’s true, I am one of those who does not match her insides and outsides. Is it a defense mechanism? I am not sure. But I digress.

The Essie colors are there for me. Every color. And I am wearing them all defiantly and happily. People say “Aren’t you too old to wear that?”

What this? Blue nailpolish? I am sorry, if there an age where one should stop having fun with painting on her body?

Dudes, I say. You should see what I do with Sharpies every weekend. Under my clothes? Is my own personal coloring book.

Nail polish ain’t nothing.

I do recommend Essie Beam Up. It’s magic. No, seriously, it is. You will get superpowers when you wear it. I promise.


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