Okay, later I will explain why I am so obsessed with cleaning, but here is the latest after an adventure in doggie “tossing her cookies”.

Okay, unless the carpet you are cleaning is SUPER new and you know it, be careful with the “peroxide” solution for cleaning up pet spills. It does not bleach like hair dye peroxide, but it cleans really well and so unless the WHOLE carpet is really clean, you will have a spot that is cleaner than the rest.


I am renting just a part of a house and not really into cleaning their ENTIRE house for them, so going forward, my mixture will just be:

Steaming hot water, as hot as you can.

1/2 C vinegar or so

Dawn Ultra Pure Dish soap

I shampooed the carpet with my Dirt Devil Easy Steamer and then while it was still damp, I scrubbed in some baking soda with my hands.

Today, I vacuumed up. Vomit stain from glutton dog is gone, smell is gone, everyone is happy.

I simply refuse to spend $20 for 8 ounces of some proprietary carpet shampoo. It is not going to happen.

Only thing is, I am not certain that the ultra pure is organic and does not contain petroleum. I think I might see if I can find a small bottle of Dr. Bronners.


One thought on “Cleaning

  1. Puts Stanley Steemer to shame. I always wondered how those companies exist since people have common sense just to clean it themselves.

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