So, like waitaminnit. Is therapy supposed to make you question things?

She has me writing a list of “shoulds” that were messages given to me growing up. Like, I should be more feminine, I should not steal Mommy’s valium… okay, I made the last one up.

And she asked me why I still have any relationship with my stepdad #1 at all. This one I could not answer and now it is driving me crazy.

I accept that my own dad could not give one flying fuck about me, but now I have to cut loose ANOTHER person in my life?

But he is bitching at me. About interpreting of all things. Like he has one fucking mouse turd of a clue what the fuck he is talking about. Asshat.

Yeah, and did you know that bipolar is VERY hereditary? Oy. Give me drugs plz now.


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