A post from Keesa the Love Dog

dogs on my heart

I was born on November 8, 1989, in Newhall, California.


That makes me 10.

My mom drove down on Friday, November 17 and that is the picture you see above. I was quite tiny, but gorgeous, as you can see.

I got my name that day, which is why I think I have such stupendous self-esteem. None of my brothers and sisters had a name yet. I was 9 days old when I got my first love from my mom. She tells me my little dog nose was smaller than the end of her pinkie. Imagine that.

Then, a few weeks later, I got to go home. I had brown hair and blue eyes. I was placed in a little box for the ride home. But, I did not like that, it was lonely! So, my mom picked me up and held me… all five hours.

Keesa B, the Look

Wait! Mom is saying that I need to be sure to write in here that I was cocky even back then. Hey, waitaminnit! I am not sure I like that!

Well, that is all I can type for today… it’s really hard to type with my furry paws.

It would be kinda nice if she would take me to the groomer now and again… the things I have to put up with, I tell ya. I do get revenge however… I knock over the trash! HA!

Keesa in the poppies


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