Journal 9/28/99

(I just learned that Marion Zimmer Bradley has passed away. Rest in peace, great imaginative woman)

Yes, this journal looks different. I decided to have all the pages look the same. Mostly because I learned that my backgrounds took too long to load. But now that I am becoming a Photoshop Toddler, I am learning how to make my photos more efficient, yet dazzling, with only a touch of a fruity bouquet.

So, what’s been up with me? Well, I learned that the mean snipes I went to school with for two years are still finding it necessary to lie about me. Thankfully, now that they are out in the real world, they run into mature people who are willing to call me directly and not listen to their malarkey. They know who they are. Only four of us graduated last year, and I’ve eliminated two of them…

But, as my friend SnarphBlat would say “Revenge is a dish best served cold”. (I think that is the quote… I am sure I will hear about it if I got it wrong!)

I’ve applied for a real job, as opposed to a temp job. Just another one of life’s little necessities.

OH! I am taking a Human Development course (see rebel yell) and today I learned that Freud believed that all stages of development were tied to an erogenous zone?. Say what?!?!?!?! And one of the stages is called the Phallic stage? Did I have that, being female and all?

Hmmmm…. but you know… this makes me realize that many of the men I have known probably sing the following song… “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Phallic stage kid!”

Okay, I better stop now. My mom is probably already saying to herself “I did NOT raise her to use the word Phallic on her webpage!!”

Peace, love and go rent The Mummy or Blast from the Past or better yet, Gods and Monsters. Anyone notice a thread there? Bwah-ha-hahahaaaaaaaaaaa. I am a shameless and wanton fan.


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